About project

The proximity of the old town, excellent public transport connections with the rest of the city and a large number of attractions in various thematic areas make Warsaw’s Praga a great place to discover what is still undiscovered in Warsaw. Both for tourists and residents of the capital!

The application “Praga odNova – the tourist power of attractions” describes 30 tourist attractions, such as: chapels, churches, basilica, dwarfs, Prague galleries and culture, architectural gems, streets and … original Prague dumplings. All these attractions have been grouped and presented, among others within specific thematic routes. So here we have the route of craftsmen, the sacred and secular Prague, as well as the film Prague. Lovers of authentic, local atmosphere will surely be pleased with the recordings of social activists from this part of the city.

In a pandemic, we all attach greater importance to safety when planning a trip, which is why our guide also promotes more secluded, peaceful and distant places from the points of greatest concentration of tourist traffic.

We invite you to Prague!