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The Museums on the Right Side of the River

In Warsaw on the right side of the river, there are many museums founded on the initiative of private individuals.

Some such museums are centred on the history of a certain area, while others have things connected with a certain topic or subject as their exhibits.  Some of them are known to a wide audience, others are mainly familiar to those who live in the direct vicinity.  It is impossible to enumerate all of them, and everyone can find something for himself in their diversity.

In Kamionek, (Praga South) on Mińska Street 25, at no. 55, there is the Neon Museum, a private initiative.  It’s activities are dedicated to the documentation and protection of neons, visual luminary advertisements which were especially popular in the Communist era.  The decline of the fashion for neons began in the 1980s, and those remaining in the urban area in the 1990s were progressively turned off.  A return in interest in this form of advertising has been seen for a few years.  The museum has about 100 old neons, and, as part of the Akcja Renowacja! (Action Renovation!)  project, luminary advertisements are renovated.

In Kamionek, it is also worthwhile to go to Skaryszewska Street, where, at No. 12, by the Church, there is the Bell Museum, which can be found at the Pallottine Pilgrimage and Tourism Office ‘Peregrinus.’  Despite the museum having a local character, it is worth to visit it on account of the ever-increasing bell collection brought in from many parts of the world.  Some of them have very elaborate forms and impress with their finishing. 

Among the small museums, the Warsaw Bread Museum is worthy of attention, created from the private initiative of Marian Pozorka and located at Jadowska Street 2 in Szmulowizna (Praga North.). It was created in the year 2000; among the exhibits, one can see, among other things, a machine for grinding corn from the late 19th Century, a bread roll maker, a croissant maker and documents related to baking.

 The main museum site on the right side of the river is located at Targowa Street 50/52, next to the entrance to the Różycki bazaar: the Warsaw Praga Museum, being a branch of the Warsaw Museum.  The museum is located in three tenements and an annexe, which came into being in several stages, from the end of the 18th to the middle of the 19th Century.  I’m 1996, Jarosław Zieliński and Janusz Sujecki discovered a fragment of the wall paintings of a Jewish prayer house in the annexe; their discovery was a sensation.  Three years later in the neighbouring room of the annexe, similar paintings were discovered.  In 2014, renovation work was completed and the building was fully adapted to museum purposes.  The colours of the paintings in both prayer houses were also subjected to renovation work.  A modern building was constructed on the grounds of the historical one, where there is a conference room and a room for employees, while the Różycki bazaar and the tenements on Brzeska Street can be seen from the terrace.  In the courtyard of the Warsaw Praga Museum, there stood a blue bear, an attraction for the younger guests of the museum.  The museum not only presents the history of Warsaw on the right side of the river, but also constitutes one of the cultural centres of this part of the city.


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ul. Targowa 50/52, ul. Mińska 25 (budynek nr 55), ul. Jadowska 2, ul. Plac Konesera 1