The Praga MDM

Praga North has its own ‘Praga MDM,’ the estate Praga II.  It was created between Jagiellońska, Ratuszowska, 11 Listopada, Namysłowska and Darwin Street.  The project was committed to the hands of a team of young architects in the year 1949, led by Jerzy Gieysztor. 

The concept suggested by the team was not well-received by the authorities of the time and the architectural community, since it drew inspiration from functionalism rather than the approved architectural style of the period, socialist realism.   A new project which conformed to this was necessary.  A new concept by Gieysztor and his team was approved that very same year.

Construction work began in 1950.  The estate was created during the Cold War and underground tunnels and shelters can be found on its grounds.  A great square was created and named after Julian Leński, a Polish Communist activist and publicist, currently called General Józef Haller Square.  It represented the compositional axis.  The first block of flats of the Praga II Estate were inaugurated in 1951.  It was intended to build seven so-called occupational colonies, of which two could not be completed- II and VII.

The planned buildings on the estate were to be differentiated by height and cubic capacity.  Most buildings were to be situated by the main roads, whereas the smaller ones were to be built within the occupational colonies.  The concept of the Praga II estate included the construction of two spiral skyscrapers delineating the compositional axis of the square- this idea was never put into place.  Many costly architectural details and decorative buildings which were to surround the square were also abandoned.  The total surface area of the estate Praga II is 50 ha.

There was a suggestion to place a statue of General Józef Haller on the site of the commemorative stone currently placed on the square named after him.  In 2017, as part of the project ‘The Academy of Active Residents of Prague’ of the Hereditas foundation, interviews were conducted with residents of the estate on the subject of their vision of how the square should be revitalised.


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ul. Jagiellońska, Ratuszowa, 11 Listopada, Namysłowska i Darwina