Polish vodka museum

An Alcohol Dispensary not only for Connoisseurs

At Ząbkowska Street 27/31 there is an industrial estate built in the 19th Century in a neo-gothic style.  It is located between Ząbkowska, Nieporecka, Białostocka and Markowska Street. 

It initially functioned as two separate firms: Warsaw Rectification and the Warsaw Wine Stores.  The former was a private company created by the Warsaw Association of Purifying and Selling Spirits.  In 1919 the State Spirit Monopoly took over control of the whole estate.  The rectification (purification) process took place at a high level thanks to the use of innovative methods.

On the grounds of the estate there was, apart from the buildings which constituted the back area, a well with Oligocene water, a school and living quarters.  Clear and flavoured vodkas were also produced, as well as denatured alcohol, while the factory experienced its greatest prosperity in the interwar period.  The firm continued to work until 2007, when it was taken over by the Warsaw Spirits Industry Firm ‘Polmos.’

The Museum of the Warsaw Praga had its temporary home on the grounds of the ‘Connoisseur,’ before moving to the renovated tenement houseblocks at Targowa Street 50/52.  Currently on Connoisseur Square, on the grounds of the former Industrial Estate at no. 1, the building of the Rectification Centre, functions as the home of the Museum of Polish Vodka.  Thematic stands, cultural events and displays happen behind the walls of the ‘Connoisseur.’  Restaurants offer a wide choice of meals and beverages.  Google Campus also has its headquarters in the Praga Centre ‘Connoisseur,’ focusing its services specifically to people interested in startups.


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ul. Ząbkowska 27/31