Historical villa

The Chemical Manufacturer Villa

Targówek Fabryczny is part of the Targówek district which owes its name to the factories which operated here in the 19th century.

The industrial past of this area is evident in the names of the streets: Siarczana, Chemiczna, Naftowa, Hutnicza and Szklana, which refer primarily to the chemical industry and are related to the production plants existing here.  One of them was the ‘Kijewski and Scholtze’ Sulfuric Acid Factory, which previously operated in Solec as the ‘Hirschmann and Kijewski’ Chemical Products Factory.  They were pioneers in the production of chemicals, including  acids: sulfuric, salic and nitric.  The operation of a chemical plant was associated with frequent health problems for workers.  Sanitary issues resulted in the fact that the owners of the factory had to move it from Solec to land they purchased in Targówek, in the vicinity of today’s Siarczana Street.  When Adolf Wawrzyniec, the son of one of the previous owners, Karol Scholtze, became the main director of the factory in the 1870s, it developed rapidly.  Adolf Wawrzyniec built a glass factory in Targówek, the company being named  the ‘Kijewski, Scholtze i S-ka’ Joint Stock Company of Chemical Fabrics.  At the end of 1938, the company was put into liquidation due to a significant decline in sales.

At 6 Siarczana Street, there is a villa built around 1900 for Jan Chryzostom Kijewski, the co-owner of the factory.  The owners of the building are most often mentioned as Kijewski-Scholtze, while other sources say that it belonged to Stanisław and Stanisława née Minter Scholtze.  Telephone and address books mention other people who held high positions at this factory as well.  The two-floor villa is situated within a park complex.  In 2016-2018, it underwent renovation work and expansion and was adapted to its new function – it became the Centre of Culture and Local Activity for the Targówek district.  In 2018, the villa was nominated for the President of Warsaw’s Architectural Award in the “revitalisation” category.


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ul. Siarczana 6