The Wedel Factory

Sweet Wedel

The E. Wedel Factory in Kamionek (Praga South) at Zamoyski Street 28/30 is still a functioning production plant. 

Confectionaries inscribed with Emil Wedel’s signature still delight the palates of those who try them and are considered to have a refined flavour.  It all began with the confectionary founded in Śródmieście, on Miodowa Street, by Karol Wedel, Emil’s Father.  This German confectioner and baking expert sold chocolate, caramel, and baked goods of his own production, displaying his great talent for business.  Karol Wedel’s products were immensely popular, which allowed him to consider a further expansion of his activities, including in creating the small factory which his confectionary would become. 

In 1895 Emil Wedel became the factory director after his Father gave him the plant as a wedding gift.  He moved the factory to a tenement house at Szpitalna Street 8 in Śródmieście.  The productions of the Wedel family were already so popular that forgeries appeared on the market.  In 1923 Jan, Emil’s son, became the owner of the firm.  It was in this period that the firm’s logo came into existence: a boy on a zebra, conceived by Leonetto Cappiello.  In 2018 this logo came back in the form of a neon light display on the renovated tenement house at Szpitalna Street 8.

Jan Wedel moved his factory onto the right side of the river in 1931.  The creator of the project for the industrial estate built on Zamoyski Streer was the architect Józef Napoleon Czerwiński.  In this period, two creations associated with Wedel were created: ‘Jedyna’ chocolate and ‘Ptasie Mleczko.’  Wedel took care of his employees, providing them with access to many refinements, sport and culture.  On the neighbouring lot, on Zamoyski Street 26A, he asked Czerwiński to plan accommodation for people working in the factory.  The tenement house, which continues to stand, was built in 1936-1937. 

Today, the E. Wedel Factory can be visited in specially organised events.  Guests are provided with chocolate delicacies from the moment they enter, and then have the opportunity of seeing various places with the tour guide.  This is the only opportunity to see the production process and see how productions are packed, and also how ‘Torciki Wedlowskie’ are hand decorated.  In one of the rooms is a memorial hall for the Wedel family, where one can hear stories, whereas in another one can see the sculptures created by the Maestro from chocolate.



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ul. Zamoyskiego 28/30