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The culinary landscape of Praga North is diverse, and new dining options are constantly appearing. They offer a variety of cuisine – from original ideas and traditional dishes, to fast food. Food trucks have also been popular for several years, and since the opening of OFF Brzeska at the Różycki Bazaar, they have become a permanent element in the cityscape.

In the old days, there were many taverns in Praga, some of which were situated on the main thoroughfare, Targowa Street.   One could buy alcoholic drinks there.   Bolesław Prus, the great writer and journalist of the positivist period, spoke unflatteringly about these type of premises, where people idly hung out, in one of his texts.   These establishments were also a place where a variety of people, including shady types, gathered together.   The restaurant most especially remembered by local residents was Wincenty Andruszkiewicz’s ‘Schron u Marynarza,’ who was known as ‘Wicuś Marynarz.’.   Andruszkiewicz was a famous person in Praga, owing this to, amongst other things,  his weight – as soon as he stepped onto a balcony, people froze in their place, wondering if the balcony slab would fall through, taking him with it.

Today’s Praga also has its own  ‘Praski Szynk’ (Praga Tavern) at Stalowa Street 37 no.   29/30 in New Praga.   Despite its name, it is a restaurant offering traditional cuisine combined with a pub.   While spending time on this street, it is worth visiting the cultural pub  ‘To się Wytnie ‘ at no.  46.  Exhibitions, concerts, literary meetings and lectures on various topics are held here.   From time to time, the place also becomes a meeting place for video game enthusiasts who play on a console connected to a projector, which provides the opportunity to participate in their games as a viewer.  ‘To się Wytnie’ is also the seat of the Open Self-Proclaimed Praga Flying University ‘(POSUL), within which free lectures on the history and culture of Warsaw are held.   At 25 Wileńska Street there is a pub called Zakład Mięsny, the unique selling point of which is not only tasty food, but also its interior: the pub owners adapted the interior of the former meat plant for culinary purposes, hence the name of the premises. 

At No.  19 there is a café,  ‘4 Pokoje’ which gives guests the choice of 4 differently decorated rooms.   It serves not only coffee and cakes, but also hot dishes and alcohol.   There are many pubs, bars and restaurants on Ząbkowska Street, including the iconic pub  ‘W Oparach Absurdu’ at No.  6.  Until recently, guests were greeted by a huge spider placed on the wall of the tenement house.   Fans of Italian cuisine and the personal inventions of a chef should visit the restaurant  ‘Pausa Włoska’ at No.  5.  It is the first in Praga North to have a traditional wood-fired oven.   While staying at Ząbkowska Street, gourmets of Russian cuisine can visit the  ‘Skamiejka’ restaurant at No.  37.  It is run by a native Russian, and the restaurant is full of elements referring to Russian culture – samovars, matryoshkas, etc.  If one wants to drink good-quality Moldavian wine, meanwhile, one should go to 36 Białostocka Street to see the  ‘Veranda – Moldawska Kuchnia & Wino’ winery.   On winter evenings, one can warm up by the fireplace here.


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ul. Ząbkowska, Stalowa, Wileńska