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Cosmetics in Prague

There were many factories and production plants in Praga Północ.   The oldest of these, such as the Factory of Machines and Mill Stones of Cezary Skoryna, opened at the end of the 18th century.  Among the production plants were those in which cosmetics were made.

The largest of them were factories operating at 22 and 24 Szwedzka Street in New Praga.   In the years 1919-1920, the joint stock company  ‘Wotitz’ took over the  ‘Praga’ Chemical Plant Joint Stock Company, which produced acid, sulphates, waxes, lubricants and petroleum jelly, and had operated at this address since 1896.   Some of the shareholders of the joint stock company  ‘Wotitz ‘ were representatives of the German firm  ‘Schicht’.  Instead of chemical products, toilet and laundry soaps, washing powders, turpentine and varnishes have been produced here since the takeover.  In 1920, the factory was taken over by the Joint Stock Company  ‘Saturnia;’ among its products there were three types of soap:  ‘Jeleń-Schicht,’  ‘Saturnia’ and  ‘Merkur,’ plus the famous washing powder  ‘Radion,’ which supposedly cleaned by itself, if one is to believe the  ‘Song About Radion’ performed by Tadeusz Faliszewski.   Over the following years, the owners changed, which also meant a change of the name of the factory itself.   In the minds of Praga residents it is thought of as as  ‘Schicht’ or  ‘Pollena’.

At Stalowa Street 34, there is the building of the  ‘Florange’ Toilet Soap, Perfume and Cosmetics Factory, which has survived to this day, albeit in a very bad technical condition.   The factory was probably built in 1923 and belonged to Fiszel and a group of bankers.

The street most strongly associated with soap was Grodzieńska.   There were two factories that produced it here.   At no.  21/29 there was the ‘Adamczewski i S-ka’ Soap and Candles Factory.   In 2019, this building was demolished.   The  ‘Sport ‘ Soap Factory of Aron Zylberman and Sons was located at no.  45/47.   It produced cheaper varieties of soap.


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ul. Szwedzka 20, ul. Stalowa 34