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Prague Crafts

The professions that have traditionally been seen as the domain of craftsmen are considered to be dying.   

This is mainly due to the departure of the masters and the lack of apprentices who would be in a position to continue the craft.   Some professions, such as the tinker who repaired pots and other household utensils, have left only memories

Traditional artisanal workshops are an important part of the local heritage of Praga North and Praga South.   Craftsmanship is one of the manifestations of intangible cultural heritage.   Until recently, one could see pavilions where craftsmen specializing in various professions ran their factories and workshops in the Praga cityscape.   Service and craft pavilions began to be built immediately after the war.   Such professional centres operated at several addresses on Targowa Street: Targowa 2, 4, 12 and 18.  In stories recounted by the oldest inhabitants of Praga, one can find that there were workshops at no.  2 and 4 belonging to craftsmen of professions, such as the aforementioned tinker, which are now forgotten.   At the back of the property at 12 Targowa Street, in the pavilions behind the tenement, there were locksmiths; engraving studios; upholstery, stonework and carpentry workshops.   In one of the buildings, one could make out see stucco decorations, including rosettes.   The pavilions were demolished on June 9th, 2018.   Some craftsmen moved to new places – the upholsterer to 15 Skaryszewska Street, the engraver to 6 Skaryszewska Street, and SiDeSign (Renovation, Upholstery, Artistic Carpentry) to Bliska 23 Street (all the aforementioned streets are located in Kamionek, south of Praga.)  The oldest craftsman’s workshop in Poland, established in 1864: Cieszkowski’s Hat and Cap Workshop: operated at 18 Targowa Street.   Once the pavilions coulkd no longer be used, the studio moved to Aleja Waszyngtona 30/36.   Krzysztof Sierski, who had his confectionary at 18 Targowa Street, tried to reopen it in other places, and also trained his students in the art of confectionery.   Magedi also operated at this address.   The Stained Glass and Artistic Lamp Workshop of Edward Magdziarz has now been moved to 52 Jagiellońska Street.  In Praga North and Praga South, there are many craft workshops, studios and workshops; they can be found in various parts of these districts.

In order to save the craft professions, a number of initiatives have been undertaken, including: on the initiative of Miasto Jest Nasze and the Museum of the Warsaw Praga, two maps with the addresses of workshops, plants and workshops, one for Praga Północ ( ‘Do rzemieślnika na Pragę) and one for Praga Południe ( ‘Praga Południe – zagłębie rzemieślnicze’);  walks to the craft workshops of the  ‘Crafting side of the Vistula’ are also organised.   Crafts and craftsmen are a subject matter handled widely by the Museum of the Warsaw Praga, which undertakes a number of activities related to this this topic.


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ul. Targowa 2, 4, 12 i 18